381 Plus Fashion Partnerships

Working with 381 Fashion and 381 Plus Fashion

1. Escapades Publications owner of 381 Fashion and 381 Plus Fashion Magazines.

2. Our fashion magazines are exposure magazines based on getting the models some exposure through the magazines, networking, events, and our Internet based radio station.

3. Our magazines come out each month and if you are placed in the magazine we will do a complete layout approximately 8 photos of you that you supply to us. These photos will be photos that are not either have been seen yet, or photos that have not saturated the fashion industry yet. Along with the photos we will need your details such as measurements, experience, and any other pertinent information you deem is necessary. Your contact information is kept private and we place our contact information in the layout. This keeps unnecessary contact that you may not want. If you know what I mean.

4. Once the layout comes out we will place a photo in our magazine of you with your information, we will also place a photo and information about you on our website for people to see also. During all of this we will make announcements about you looking for work on our social networks and any events that you may be attending as a participant in the fashion world.

5. Finally, we will also be looking around with our contacts and with other events that you may be able to fit their criteria.

All this is done for absolutely free of charge. How we get paid is from the following avenues:

If you are hired to do a job, event, or show and they request what your fee is then we add 5% on the fee amount that you give them.

Each magazine after the first of the year; even though it is strictly digital, will be set up to be delivered to anyone that wants it as subscription and emailed directly to their email address for a cost of $2.00 a month per issue.

The last avenue is we sell advertisement space. The ad space is for a full page ad in the magazine and costs $50.00 per month per ad. This ad will cover not only the magazine, but also our other magazine, our radio show, and any other print that we use for the magazine.

If you are interested in working with us we will be happy to do so. The first thing we would request is that you sign a photograph release form that only states that you have given us permission to use your photos in our publications and any other marketing that we chose. Let me know if this is satisfactory and if you would like to move forward.

Are you in the fashion industry; whether as a model, fashion designer, make up artist, stylist, or event planner and you need help with exposure. Then call us at 381 Fashion and let us be your partner and help promote you, your company, your products, and/or your events.

Here at 381 Plus Fashion Magazine will provide services to you and help in all promotions across all of the social medias.

Call us or email us for further details

Office: 708-658-3483

Email: 381plusfashionmag@gmail.com