Interview with Houseboy Jay

11714285_10203515359359332_946752189_nWhen did you get started in the DJ industry and how did you get introduced to it?
In 1982. I loved listening to the Hot Mix 5 on WBMX.
What makes your style of DJing unique?
I am the type of DJ that plays all new stuff or from the same era. I may play a song from 2015 and then come behind it and catch you off guard and blend you something you haven’t heard in 20 to 25 years.

What do you do when you are not DJing?
I watch a lot of TV, Go to ALOT of parties check out the DJ’s their sound system and the crowd. And support my fellow Dj’s and supporters.
Other than House music what type of music do you listen to?
Disco Funk Dusties and Soft Rock.

What was one of your most memorable nights here in the USA and overseas?
It was 1987 I was 17 years old and opened my own club on the west side of Chicago called the Clubhouse.

Where is your most favorite venues here in the USA and overseas?
The Riviera 1993, The Bismarck Hotels 1980’s

How do you think the fans/crowds have caught on to the house head music?
Word of mouth people hearing how much fun the parties and movement be.

Educationally if someone wanted to get into your type of DJing what should they do educationally (such as school) and should they have someone mentor them into the industry?
I don’t have anything against school but there is nothing like hands on experience. Going to other DJ’s houses checking them out and learning from them hands on. Going to parties with them and hear them rocking the crowd live….

11716116_10203515358679315_569941550_nAt your current level of DJing could you make a living at DJing and not work another job; and have you felt you reached that point in your career to do just that…DJing?
Yes I could definitely make a living DJing but the market in Chicago is so tight that people these days don’t really appreciate Dj’s that they don’t even want to pay the fees that we ask.

In your career as a DJ who has made an impact on your life and career? Who do you think is your mentor as a DJ?
Derrick Bell AKA DJ Bandit Bell, Earnest Bell AKA DJ Pops Scony and T. Shablee for radio station WNUR
What are some of the most memorable things that you have learned as a DJing when it comes to picking the music and keeping the crowd interested in what they are listening to?
Always read the crowd.

What are some of the things do you prepare to for a night of DJing?
Pray, make sure I am relaxed mentally emotionally and physically.

We all know that in the history of House music Frankie Knuckles opened the door for many DJs what did he do to influence you and what has his passing at such an early age done for you mentally in regards to your career in DJing?
Nothing against the brother but I was never really a Frankie Knuckles fan like that. But I do realize the impact he had on house music and it was tremendous.

What do you think is the future of house music is? And what do you think you will be and contribute in that history?
I really think it’s going to come back to the radio mainstream surprisingly and believe it or not the younger generation is catching on. I think it’s going to be around for a long, long time.

What is some of your upcoming events that you have here in the USA and overseas?
Geto DJ’s House Picnic August 8th 2015 and tha PLAY THAT SHIT HOUSE PICNIC .August 15th 2015

As a DJ how involved do you get into the set up the equipment and what are some of the pitfalls of equipment set up?
I love setting up DJ equipment it’s like one of the best feelings in the world. Pitfalls: none
Can you tell us about how you started your first club when you were in your teens, what were some of your experiences as a club owner?
A friend of mine named Joliet Jake came to me and said Bro I know a spot u can rent for little to nothing he took me down the street on 18th and Pulaski we checked it out I liked it paid the lady and the following week we were throwing parties. The best experience was being in control I love being in control and calling all the shots and the feeling knowing this was my shit.

Can you tell me what is Houseboy Productions and what does it do?11412141_767120440052457_2651582231376239668_n
It’s my life it ranges from everything to DJing parties promoting parties renting equipment out setting up equipment and soon owning my own club again.

Can you walk us through a normal day of setting up equipment and doing sound check, what is expected and what are you as a DJ are you looking for?
Just making sure your equipment is on point just like a carpenter these are your working tools. I expect everything to be on point plenty of bass and nice clear highs and mids from the speakers.

When you arrange a club event or any event do you do all of your own setting up or do you use sound engineers to help set up?
I use both.

House music is unique in its genre why do you think it has such an impact on the fans and what has been deemed “HouseHeads” the people that listen to the music?
Because it gives you a good feeling. If you are listen at the crib or the club I don’t care if you mad sad pissed off or feeling low when you hear House Music it picks you up makes you feel good takes you to another place and gives you good vibrations.

In closing I would like to say thank you for taking the time to do this interview and do you have anything special to say to everyone reading this interview? And also please I hope you will come back and spend some more time with us telling us about some of your other events coming up?
I want to thank Andre Smith for wanting to interview me. Sending much love to my fellow House Heads DJ’s and promoters. And be on the lookout in the months to come new club coming from me. Everybody’s invited………… YA LIKE HOUSE DON’T CHA ?!!!!!!!


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