How can I get in touch with Escapades? If you want to contact the Escapades team, please send an email to

If you need to contact Escapades or have any questions/problems about this website, you can send an email during USA working hours and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Why are my Escapades article pictures not appearing? No pictures appear automatically on the site, they have to be approved by the Escapades team. This will normally take no longer than 24 hours during working hours, but could take longer.

If you have a question about your images not appearing, please

I’ve seen your publications and they look great. How do I get them? Our publication is free digitally. Only subscribed readers with a small subscription cost can receive a digital copy of the publications to their email accounts. Please contact Escapades team for details and price rates.

Your magazine(s) sounds cool! Any writing jobs going at Escapades? Yes. We always entertain articles from contributing writers. Go to and click on the “Submit Articles” tab and follow the directions to submitting content. Articles/photos are submitted without payment to writers. We do not guarantee all articles/photos will be used. If you are a published writer, or would like to be, we do accept feature submissions, but bear in mind we recommend that you look through the magazine, identify the kind of material we publish and tailor any ideas around our current work.

All material used will be property of Escapades and the original writer(s). Any use of article/photo will be the decision and permission of writer/photographer and if used in Escapades will be notified or a notification will be printed at the bottom of the article being reprinted directing the readers to know that the article was previously used in one of Escapades issues/publications.  Send ideas to

I’ve got a suggestion for a photo in the fashion section! We’re always interested in seeing photos of fashion. Please send any photos to us in a fashion show, model layout (not bathing suit; only casual, formal, or business clothing) email  photo with details of model (name, city, state, age, school model attends, and permission of use of photo by teen model’s parent/guardian, and contact information of photographer/parent/guardian) before we use or review and photo. All submissions will be verified with photographer and parent/guardian. Email to

Can I buy a subscription to the magazine please? Why of course! Head to email – most months we throw in some wondrous free gifts, so go have a look what’s on offer at the moment.

You told me I’d won a competition, but I haven’t had my prize yet. Is it time to take a shotgun to the postman? If your prize hasn’t arrived, please email us at and let us know.

I’m a sharp-dressing, smooth-talking ad salesman and I want to buy some ad space in your publication(s) magazine and website. Shall we do lunch? There are plenty of opportunities to advertise in Escapades and/or E 4 Kids. Please contact

Hi there, I’m a PR executive with a fantastic new product to promote in your magazine(s) or website. Who do I contact? If you have anything good that you’d like us to review or feature, drop us an email to One email is usually enough, and we do read everything, honestly, so if you don’t get a reply it probably means we’re really busy and we will return your email as soon as possible.

I’ve spotted a mistake on Escapades. Do you give out tenners like the magazine do? No, or we’d go bust within hours. But let us know at

I’m a subscriber to Escapades magazine (hard copy) and I haven’t received my copy this month. Where is it? Email our subscriptions department at (Attn: Subscription Department) and let them know.

One of your articles on God / sex / women / men / monkeys / plastic mouldings has deeply offended me. I want to complain in the strongest possible terms. To whom shall I address my letter? If you have seen or read something in Escapades or on that you consider beyond the bounds of good taste and decency, then send the information to (Attn: Complaint Department) and we will endeavor to deal with your complaint promptly.


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