Interview with Eric Bell



When did you get started in the DJ industry and how did you get introduced to it? I started in the Dj Industry in 7th Grade with Milo Moore and Wall To Walls & Foxx Players Sounds. I was introduced into the Dj Industry at an early age by Milo Moore, as started doing parties at St. Columbanus and Kenwood Academy High School.

What makes your style of DJing unique? I play all hit songs and I stay up to date with the dance and Chicago’s House Music

What do you do when you are not DJing? When I’m not DJing I’m recording and practicing.

Other than House music what type of music do you listen to? Other than House Music I listen to R&B, Pop, Rock, Stepping Music, etc.

What was one of your most memorable nights here in the USA and overseas? I have a lot of memorable nights here in the USA and I can say mainly playing all my sets have been memorable and playing sets for Herb Kent from WVON FM

Where is your most favorite venues here in the USA and overseas? To me from back in the day the best venues where: AKA, The Playground, Saucer’s, The Factory, The Warehouse, Riviera.

Eric Bell 1

How do you think the fans/crowds have caught on to the house head music? The fans and crowds have definitely grow and build the House Music Community to outstanding numbers that has grown very large from Chicago to Over Sea’s and other states, like Detroit, New York, etc..

Educationally if someone wanted to get into your type of DJing what should they do educationally (such as school) and should they have someone mentor them into the industry? I would say start off studying music in school such as a school band, and music education courses also listen, learn and study the music as well as learning how to play the music if it’s musically or just playing the records. I on the other hand started playing percussions at a very early in pre-school and Grammar school then join the bands and orchestra. As well as studying music taking music courses and private lessons. It is always best to get lessons and hands on training.

At your current level of DJing could you make a living at DJing and not work another job; and have you felt you reached that point in your career to do just that…DJing? At my current level DJing know I have been making a living at it and hopefully not have to work another job, but with my recordings and purchasing New Equipment and software I still may have to work a side job. As of July 4, 2015 I have went International as an Dj as I am already an International Recording Artist from Chicago Traxx Records.

Can you tell us about your work at House Konnection? I’m just one of the Pioneer House Music Artist / Dj’s That Promotes and fight to keep the house music seen alive.
Also, can you tell us about your work with Designing for Sickle Cell Anemia – DSCAF and Taste of Soul Music/Productions? I am the music director for DSCAF and Dj which is a non-profit organization which I contribute my work and services to give something back. And the Taste of Soul Music Productions is a group that I was added into to promote and keep the music alive also.Eric Bell 2
In your career as a DJ who has made an impact on your life and career? Who do you think is your mentor as a DJ? As an Dj I must say just being able to be a legendary pioneer and the first and only live drummer from Jesse Gang / Jesse Saunders had a very huge impact on my life and has me where I am today and this is what I always wanted all my live as far as a career to be in the music industry. And as a mentor as a Dj was first Milo Moore whom I started with, with Wall To Wall & Foxx Player Sounds, Then of course Ron Hardy and Frankie Knuckles.

What are some of the most memorable things that you have learned as a DJing when it comes to picking the music and keeping the crowd interested in what they are listening to? I have learn to play the Hit’s and the music the people like and appreciate and know how to read your crowd on the music that the people love to dance too. You have to know the music the crowd likes and listen too. It’s a House Thing.

What are some of the things do you prepare to for a night of DJing? It first depends on the venue I’m playing then the play list for the type of listeners at that venue, such as Old such as Old School or New School.

We all know that in the history of House music Frankie Knuckles opened the door for many DJs what did he do to influence you and what has his passing at such an early age done for you mentally in regards to your career in DJing? While I know Frankie and had the pleasure of working with him as he did the mix on my Solo Recording on Chicago Traxx Records “ Your Love “ Which was released in 1987. And mentally it’s keep me going to keep this house movement alive and try to take it to another level.

What do you think is the future of house music is? And what do you think you will be and contribute in that history? I think house muse will stay around for a very long time as we educate the new and upcoming Dj’s and I will be around to contribute my experience and knowledge and or skills I can pass down, also open the door in an venue for talent.

What is some of your upcoming events that you have here in the USA and overseas? Will know we have a lot of house picnics for the summer and I am also the Resident Dj at Rev’s Revelations / Sugar Hill Night Club and working on oversea dates and my new release. As while booking dates around the U.S. and the City and Suburbs.

As a DJ how involved do you get into the set up the equipment and what are some of the pitfalls of equipment set up? Most venue’s I play already have the equipment so I don’t get involve with the set up.
Eric Bell setupCan you walk us through a normal day of setting up equipment and doing sound check, what is expected and what are you as a DJ are you looking for? Yes I can do sound checks and set ups, and I will be looking for clean crisp sounds with deep bass and clear highs. I have an individual unique sound of my own that I prefer.

When you arrange a club event or any event do you do all of your own setting up or do you use sound engineers to help set up? When I arrange an club event the club has part of what I may use, and I may do some addons; and I do prefer my own set ups.

House music is unique in its genre why do you think it has such an impact on the fans and what has been deemed “HouseHeads” the people that listen to the music? It’s the rhythm and feel of the bass and drums with a hot melody. It’s a feeling that you feel when you get that 4/4 beat hitting in your chest and that hot bass line and samples.
In closing I would like to say thank you for taking the time to do this interview and do you have anything special to say to everyone reading this interview? And also please I hope you will come back and spend some more time with us telling us about some of your other events coming up? I like to say thank you for taking the time out to invite me to do this interview and thank God for he is truly good, also to the House Music Community I love you and thank you all for your love and support over the many, many years. You can keep up with my events on Facebook Eric Bell / and / Dj Eric B. I will be starting a New page soon stay tune.


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