Growing as a teen now a days is a struggle that every child from 10 to 18 goes through. Making decisions for your future is also a struggle that every child goes through. But without support from parents, teachers, and even friends a child feels lost and confused. But with the strength of some individuals that have no apparent connection or monetary gain some teens meet and grow a bond with a mentor.

Escapades is the first magazine that fosters the strength for our teens and for the parents that raise our teens everyday of their life. Escapades introduce our youth and parents of our youth to individuals and businesses that focus their efforts to helping introduce different opportunities whether careers, education, and life skills.

Escapades ask questions from all industries from business, community, food, music, movies, sports, web development, and gaming. These questions will help our youth and even adults realize how people they see successfully succeeding in their fields and even in their life deal with accomplishments and downfalls.

Escapades also helps introduce the various careers/jobs that are out there that most people would normally not realize are out there that support the business owners, movie and music stars, and others accomplish their goals of success. Escapades will introduce our youth and adults out of work realize that there are positions that seem unimportant due to the type of job skills they do each and every day but are responsible for keeping a business or organization on their feet each and every day.

Every youth and in some instances adults should have one or maybe two mentors in their life. My mentor has always been my mother Maxine L. McMillan and my father Charles McMillan both business executives in different industries. But both showed me what it takes to succeed in business in their own way. We may have not always agreed but they have always supported me in my endeavors’ in their own way. But a true mentor is not always someone that agrees with everything you do or say.

My mother has moved on but her spirit will always be a guiding force for mentorship as will my father and other members of my family. I must also acknowledge the guidance I have received from Mattie Butler of WECAN and Commissioner Jerry Butler of the Cook County Board of Commissioners; and finally but most important a mentor in her own right my business partner and life partner, my wife Pippa F. Smith for all the support and guidance as a mentor. I also have to remember a mentor that helped raise me and guide me through decisions in my life my uncle and God-father Julius Burrell.

So join us here at Escapades and discover what careers are possible with a little work, a dream to succeed, and a will to continue to learn.


 A. Chris. Smith

 Andre Christopher Smith

Publisher/Co-Editor in Chief

Escapades Publications



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