Escapades Publications welcomes Interview submissions from freelance writers adult and youth. Indeed, most of our editorial content comes from individuals and companies in various educational and business industries. Contributions can include feature interviews, columns, and guest editorials.

Feature Interviews usually take the form of a question and answer session that you have with a person including photos of the person that you are interviewing.

As for columns, we have several types that run throughout the magazine on a monthly or semi-regular basis. If you plan to submit something, we advise you to read several Interviews in the magazine and familiarize yourself with our guidelines. Then contact us to present your idea or discuss possibilities.

Our Writer’s Guidelines:

  1. We look for Interviews (original and reprint) in that we publish Interviews that have to do with youth and adults dealing with youth.
  2. Length: 1000-1500 words for features, 500-1000 words for columns (will cover one whole page in the publication), as a rough guide.
  3. We always need images to go with an Interview. Photos should be high resolution (300 dpi) and of a good size. Photos should also have descriptions accompanying them. Please don’t embed graphics in Word documents—make them an attachment (jpeg) in the email. When downloading images from the Internet, please be sure they are large enough for us to use at 300 dpi.
  4. When you’re sending several images, please indicate which you would prefer us to use if we can’t fit all of them in the Interview. Name each graphic by figure number (i.e., Figure 1, Figure 2). If you have original photos (slides, prints), please make sure you scan them at the appropriate dpi.
  5. We’re also looking for possible cover photos, so keep an eye out for those. They need to be a minimum 8.5″x11″ and vertical orientation, in addition to high res.
  6. An Interview should include a byline and brief bio of the author.
  7. Feel free to write in first person and describe the experience, if appropriate.
  8. Please go easy on the testimonials and advertising hype, as we don’t want the Interview to appear like an advertorial. Like most magazines, we strive for objective, balanced journalism.
  9. The author is fully responsible for identifying and obtaining publishing permissions for all information or images in the Interview.


For feature interviews and columns, contact Andre C. Smith (email – For interviews that are not to be considered feature interviews then please email (


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